XPedient Technologies is a company that views itself as a partner to its clients, a company that will go beyond customary contractual agreements to ensure client satisfaction. As a technology company that maintains a goal to consistently meet and surpass cliental expectations and desires, XPedient Technologies’ personnel has been performing the services for a minimum of 7 years, with senior members average 15 to 20 years of field experience. XPedient Technologies will create the software integration system that will be most efficient and effective for its client. With this in mind, XPedient Technologies’ role is not merely a vendor, but moreover a partner to its client. It is this mentality that allows communication to be open and fluid between company and client and enable a more productive and satisfying end result for the client.

XPedient Technologies was formed as a Partnership between Anjana Bergman and John Bergman in October 2007. From there, XPedient Technologies became incorporated in the state of Tennessee in late 2007.